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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Congratulations on your purchase of Moltin Glass Chair Mats.  Your mat(s) will not chip, peel, flake or discolor and with simple care and cleaning, will provide protection and beauty for years to come. 

Denver Glass Interiors (hereinafter “DGI”) also dba National Glass Products (hereinafter “NGP”) manufacturer of Moltin Glass Chair Mat products, warrants to the original purchaser that any Moltin Mat product is free of manufacturing or material defects.  This warranty applies as long as all manufacturer installation and care instructions are followed as supplied and is subject to the conditions and limitations listed herein.  Should Moltin Mat product be installed in commercial applications, please refer to the “Commercial Applications” section of the warranty.


Moltin Glass Chair Mats are warranted against manufacturing or material defects causing the product to peel, break, flake or crack while in place on a flat floor, pursuant to the warranty coverage guidelines stated herein.  This warranty is limited to Moltin, at its discretion, replacing identical mats free of charge to the Warranty holder. 

This warranty covers only those manufacturing defects and material defects as listed within the warranty and does not include defects or damages attributable to faulty or improper installation and/or handling instructions.  Defects caused by fire, flood, acts of war or terrorism, acts of God, riot or civil disorder,  misuse, abuse by harmful fumes, vapors, solvents, chemicals or chemical pollutants in the atmosphere, building settlement, foundational shifting and stresses resulting from localized heat, consistent exposure to temperatures over 400⁰F – which can cause the glass to de-temper- placement of the mat without supplied vinyl bumpers or on an extraordinarily uneven surface, such as slate or distressed wood, are not covered by this warranty.  Moltin will not be responsible for expenses incurred due to a broken product including, but not limited to: floor repair or replacement, moving expenses, furniture repair or replacement, lost work hours or any other associated expenses.


Labor costs are not included under this warranty, and neither DGI/NGP nor its authorized distributors, will be responsible for any costs incurred in the repair, removal, replacement or installation of the Moltin Mat furnished by DGI/NGP under this warranty.


Commercial Applications

If Moltin Mats products are installed in a building operated as a commercial property, multi-family dwelling, rental property or educational, medical, religious, government owned structure, or office building, the warranty coverage period is 5 years from the original date of purchase.


Any claims for defect under this warranty should be submitted to our Customer Care team immediately via email ( or by calling 1-877-827-3468.  Refer to your original receipt to provide the work order number and specify the defect being claimed.  Please allow a reasonable timeframe for investigation and replacement production.